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Food Channels is a catering service company established in May 2009 by its parent company Chi Fung Group that has a 30-years history. Striving for high-quality catering brand management services, our professional and experienced expert team providing you the best branding and marketing, operation, innovation, logistic, design solutions.

Currently, Food Channels is providing a series of professional restaurant start-up services to its partners in China and Hong Kong including site selection, shop renovation, kitchen planning, staff recruitment and training, special cuisines development, followed by brand promotion, advertisement placement, Marketing Program Management and Operation. 

More Within last 60 Restaurants Which are the Opened by US are the HAVING Good Performances. Our Well-Known Professional and Excellent Services US to Become the bring in Coffee and Catering is at The Pioneer Industries.

Since our company's establishment, we have been committed to build an effective and comprehensive cooperation with our partners. The standardisation of restaurant services and the development of new cuisines are world-class. Pragmatism, profession and innovation are the core values f our company while keeping the brand sustainable is our promise. By grasping the market information accurately and innovating continuously, we can gain the maximum profits for our partners.

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1. Franchising, Branding management, Starting-up Restaurant

  • Providing services including brand building, restaurant design, kitchen workflow design, staff training and market planning
  • Opening more than 50 restaurants including Chatime, La Kaffa Café, Little Vegas and New Town Café 1884 in Hong Kong and China
  • Having catering experiences are not required. Opening a themed restaurant requires 60-80 days through our help
  • Successful restaurants include takeaway drink shops, Western restaurants, Cafes and Vietnamese restaurants etc.
  • Providing different training courses to investors

2. Catering Brand Design And Promotion

  • Providing menu design and advertisement services that are more professional and efficient than other competitors
  • Assisting in brand building and emphasizing Online To Offline (O2O) Commerce.
  • Providing services including menu design, product photography, blogger visiting, website design and promotion, mystery shopper evaluation, restaurant micro movie recording.
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Food Channels provides themed restaurant start-up services. Multicultural elements are used to enable our clients to experience global wonder while dining. Different target customers and locations are pinpointed to build unique themed restaurants even in the same city.

Focusing on fashionable brand establishment and management, our services include but not limited to market research, strategic planning, branding, and integrated marketing aspects. Food Channels, with its rich industrial resources, practical experiences, and excellent reputation, is the facilitator for catering brands .