Fully funded opportunities for Australian business

Our working arrangements require no capital and no risk on your behalf. Through our established presence in the Asia Pacific region you profit from a close working partnership that helps you:

  • Explore new markets
  • Executive recruitment and employment consulting
  • Increase your sales both locally and internationally
  • Provide marketing expertise including understanding of WeChat Asia-Pacific marketing
  • Attract Chinese tourism to your business
  • Export your products to China and the Asia-Pacific
  • Import product from China and find manufacturing companies
  • Market to the Australian Chinese community
  • Help with cashflow and exit strategies
  • Understand the potential to franchise your business 
  • Access capital through our OnVest business program
  • Receive an agreed return with clearly defined profits
  • Access commercial funding, legal advice, strategic business knowledge and creative marketing through our alliance partners
  • Connect your business to Asia Pacific markets and targeted databases
  • Import skill sets from Asia Pacific markets 
  • Attract business from local residents and travelers 
  • Receive superior quality products from Asia Pacific manufacturers

Opportunities for ASIA PACIFIC investors

With OnTeam you can be confident of our understanding of ethnic diversity and our sensitivity towards cultural differences. By combining our experience in the region with extensive local knowledge we present a number of unique opportunities that allow you to:

  • Invest in quality Australian businesses looking to expand into new markets
  • Acquire proven Australian assets that offer superior returns and lower risk
  • Experience growth through our creative intelligence and market knowledge
  • Accurately target Australian consumers through our strategic relationships
  • Receive practical help in establishing businesses in Australia
  • Consider employment and relocation opportunities through our network of migration experts