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David Thomas

There is a story about a traveller who found that, in order to be welcomed into an eastern family, he would be asked to take three cups of tea. The first cup was taken as a stranger, the second cup as a friend and, if he was offered a third cup, he would then become part of their family. A place where trust was given freely and unconditionally, and from which he would forever be looked after.

I often use the “three cups of tea” metaphor to describe the journey that foreigners have to take to be truly accepted in China. Unfortunately, many westerners who are used to relying on legal contracts to do business with strangers (or even friends) often don’t have the time, patience and emotional intelligence to invest in building the deep, trusted and binding relationships that are necessary to succeed in China.

From my experience, you will be lucky if you are ever able to achieve one trusted and binding relationship in China, no matter more than one. The time, effort and commitment required to make this work can be all consuming and even then you can find that you come across complexities and situations that are hard to understand and resolve.

There are no hard and fast rules about how to do this, except to say that you will require lots of patience, emotional intelligence and a deep and genuine respect of Chinese culture to get anywhere near that elusive third cup of tea.

Peter Irvine

Peter’s reputation for building business is second to none. As Co-founder of Gloria Jean's Coffees in Australia and as one of the team members who helped launch McDonald's in Australia, Peter Irvine has over 40 years' experience in building businesses to phenomenal levels of success. Today Peter is a sought-after keynote speaker and author of best-selling business advice books.

OnTeam has a working relationship with Peter as we both understand what it takes to build a successful business. Our partnership aims to identify, grow and develop the clients we work with.

It’s through relationships like this that we build our business model on, people first.


WEchat Specialists

To assist Australian business's expand and grow in the Hong Kong and Chinese market OnTeam have the marketing specialists with a deep understanding of WeChat, the one and only social platform in China, allowing us to meet our clients objectives and beyond. 

Through a strong alliance with Individual House we have the knowledge and resources to get our Australian clients seen by the hundreds of millions using WeChat in China on a daily basis. Our unique systems and approach ensure that we meet the goals and objectives that our clients require. 

WeChat has become more than just a social media platform, having the features of an e-commerce site and a level of relationship building and trust not found elsewhere. 


Anthony Harrison

Anthony Harrison

Anthony is a pioneer of innovation who combines solutions-orientated creativity with astute business acumen. He has run a highly successful advertising agency and has worked with some of the world’s largest brands to achieve outstanding sales growth.

Anthony has a creative entrepreneurial mind and a natural ability to find ways to get projects activated. Anthony helped launch BNI into Australia and was the president of the first 3 chapters which included Sydney CBD. Anthony worked on launching Baidu into Australia, partnered with Sanitarium in creating LittleBIGDash and in his past developed the unforgettable India campaign. 



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Ritual Chai

A local cafe with an amazing product. It's a story that's fairly common but how do you share this product with the world and not just your local street or suburb. 

Ritual Chai was a truly unique chai product, one that the locals craved and loved but it never left the front door. OnTeam saw potential in this product and wanted to share it with everyone. We worked with the cafe owner and gave his amazing product an identity, something that could start a movement. 

Ritual Chai was born, it was given a face, character and a message to share. The locals loved the new look and  shared with friends, it quickly became the talk of the town. 

Ritual Chai is now looking to expand into many cafes on the Mid-North Coast. Look out for it in a cafe near you and get ready to start your daily ritual.